Your temperature. Your comfort. Your mattress.
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Dual climate control allows each partner the freedom to set their own ideal temperature. Thermoelectric technology moves warm or cool air through the mattress for a dry, comfortable sleep.


Fully relax with personalized body positioning. The Atmos™ power base offers the support and comfort you want in a range of settings, like Lounge, TV and Zero Gravity.


Indulge in a soothing massage from the convenience of your own bed. Multiple intensity levels let you relieve muscle aches and stressful tension as best suits you at the moment.

Comfort is personal.
Pick the perfect mattress.

6 layers of high density and slow recovery foam provide firm comfort and support.

$2,000 (Queen Size)

6 layers of foam offer a more luxurious feel with gel-infused layers for plush, full support.

$2,200 (Queen Size)

7 layers of high density, gel-infused and opti-air-flow foams, for luxurious comfort.

$2,400 (Queen Size)

Personalize your sleep experience
with a custom foundation.

You want comfort and a good solid foundation. The DynaBase is for you.

(Queen Size)

You want temperature control and a good solid foundation. ThermaBase has it.

(Queen Size)

You want it all: temperature, elevation and massage. It’s the ultimate comfort experience.

(Queen Size)

Program your ideal sleep experience
with the touch of a button.

Atmos™ is designed to be an intuitive extension of you and your ideal sleep conditions. Designed to adapt and respond to even the most hectic and hurried lives, Atmos™ allows you to choose settings with the touch of your remote and save favorites to create 8 different personalized sleep experiences. Visit your device’s App Store to download the Atmos™ application* and enjoy the same control using your smartphone or tablet. Advanced smart technology recognizes and coordinates individual settings for both sides of the bed.

*Available for Apple iOS and select Android mobile devices.