Discover the layers of comfort built into the Atmos™ mattress.

Advanced foam technologies

Gel-infused and DriTemp™ Foam ensure temperature regulation and comfort.

High density memory foam

Responsive pressure relief and support.

SensaCore Foam Springs

3 zones of targeted support for spinal alignment and pressure relief.

360° edge support

For superior durability and comfort.

4-way stretch fabric

Our 360° stretch and a breathable weave provides enhanced airflow and ease of movement.

The most technologically advanced sleep system we’ve ever built.



Set your temperature for the night, for either side of the bed. Warm, cool or ambient air flows through the mattress and against your skin at the touch of a button. Choose the temperature and duration from a wide range of settings. Save your favorites to enjoy over and over again.

Temperature Gif
Tablet Pc Temperature 2 Tablet Pc Temperature 2



The Atmos™ power bases allow you to enjoy ideal position for total comfort at any time. You can choose from 4 preset positions or fine-tune the foundation to create the perfect environment for sleeping, reading, or watching tv. Available Spring 2015.

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Tablet Pc Elevation 2 Tablet Pc Elevation 2



You can’t see the innovation, but you sure can feel it. Enhanced technology integrates advanced engineering and sensory stimulation to gently massage away muscle aches and ease tension. Multiple levels of intensity and an integrated timer let you program the perfect massage for each side of the bed. Available Spring 2015.

Massage Gif
Tablet Pc Massage 2 Tablet Pc Massage 2